1 September 2009

Book Review: Sisters in Law by Nina Bell

Kate, Heather and Olivia are sisters-in-law and are all hiding something from the Fox family. The family have big expectations and the 3 women sometimes struggle to keep up with them. When the mysterious Sasha enters their lives one mealtime, all 3 women are immediately suspicious.

Kate wonders why her partner Johnny has started working long hours at the office without a worry about their 2 children, can army wife Heather trust her husband Jack when he is home from duty, and is Olivia able to keep Simon's secret forever, or will it spell the end for one Fox marriage?

Will Sasha will be able to penetrate the Fox family, and if so, which Fox husband is about to play with fire?

This book first caught my eye when I noticed it on Amazon many months ago, and I've been looking forward to reading it since then. I very much enjoy books based around family relationships as I find them interesting, so I hoped this one would be good too. This is Nina Bell's second book, but I haven't yet read her first which is called Inheritance, however I'll be looking out for it on my next visit to the library! The book's striking cerise pink text stands out against the cover image, and I think it is a well crafted cover that will catch people's attention!

Kate is introduced to us as the main character of the story, with the other storylines revolving around her and her family. Kate is the only Fox woman in the story (bar her mother), yet she is possibly the most insecure of the sisters-in-law. Her relationship with Johnny isn't as good as she wants it to be, and I very much enjoyed the twists and turns their relationship took through the book. I liked Kate very much, she was a very normal character, one that you can relate to easily, and I wanted things to be okay for her with Johnny.

The other two women also feature heavily in the book but aren't the driving force behind it like Kate is. Olivia is a career-girl who takes the blame for the lack of children in her marriage to Simon yet won't reveal his secret. I liked her very much, she was headstrong and her storyline was unexpected and very fun to read, it surprised me and I liked the way it concluded for Olivia. Heather is the one I wasn't so fond of. She has a bad background but it didn't make me like her anymore, I just found her irritating and a tad weak, so for me she wasn't the best character but did add something to the book regardless.

The story is very much focused on the evil Sasha, and though I could see where the general direction was going from early on, it didn't ruin my enjoyment of the book and I liked it very much. Sasha was incredibly wicked and a great villain, I absolutely hated her and I was so annoyed the Fox women didn't stand up to her much sooner! However, she allows the twists and turns to progress and the book wouldn't have been fun if they had found her out within 100 pages! The twist with her and the Fox family was surprising as I didn't expect it, so this was good and I felt Bell has done a good job with keeping the plot exciting and readable!

If you like family-relationship driven books with a twist, then Sisters in Law may well be the book for you! I loved Nina Bell's writing style which kept me hooked through the 400+ pages, however I found myself powering through them very quickly as I just couldn't put it down! I loved the third person narration, and I found it easy to keep track of all the stories despite the change of them quite frequently. I look forward to reading Nina Bell's debut and any other releases, and this one is highly recommended by me, a really great read overall, very enjoyable!

Rating: 5/5

Thank you to the publishers SPHERE for sending us a copy to review.


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  1. Totally loved this book and will definately be reading more from this author!