21 August 2009

Book Review: Step On It, Cupid by Lorelei Mathias

This book follows the main character of Amelie Holden, a woman who works in London in the competitive field of advertising. She and her best friend Duncan are assigned a new project involving Speed Dating much to Amelie's horror.

She decides to research Speed dating thoroughly and ends up on several Speed Dating nights. Her Aussie boss Joshua is driving her mad with his motivational speeches, her ex-boyfriend Jack is suddenly back on the scene and she begins to eye up an actor she met on a speed-dating night.

Will Amelie and her colleague Duncan be able to create the perfect slogan for Fast Love? Is Amelie destined to be alone forever?

Step On It, Cupid is part of the Little Black Dress (LBD) set of books which are published regularly. These are books which are relatively short stories giving you a few laughs, a good story and are a staple of a girl's bookshelf. This is the first of the LBD books I have read, and am pleased to see that there are plenty more by LBD. The author of this book, Lorelei Mathias writes a fabulous debut novel with this title, and has just released her second book, also published by LBD entitled Lost For Words.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is pure chick-lit without a doubt, and this is my favourite genre of book so I was very happy to read this one. The author does a great job of keeping us all guessing right the way through the book as to who, if anyone, Amelie is going to end up with. She writes the relationships throughout the book really well, and they are all believable, to the point where you are thinking Amelie must be mad to be liking these awful men! There are laugh out loud parts, parts which make you think that you will NEVER go on a Speed Dating Night, and just a great story weaved throughout that is easy and very enjoyable to read.

All the characters are very realistic people, all different, with different traits and personalities, which I think is what makes them work so well together. Amelie is incredibly scatty, a trait which annoys the hell out of me, yet is endearing to her friends. Her colleague Duncan is shy and retiring and I couldn't help but wonder throughout if he had a thing for Amelie! Amelie's best friend Claire is a great character, someone I wouldn't mind having for a best friend, and her boss Joshua is so upbeat you have to wonder if he is taking something!

One other thing I enjoyed about this book was the different writing style throughout. There would be a chapter written in the third person, then the next chapter would be in the form of a diary written by Amelie. This made a nice change and I found the diary chapters really funny and honest. It was easy to make the transition between the two, it wasn't at all disjointed, and I think this makes the book different from other books in this genre. I think it is a great addition by the author to write it in this way!

So would I recommend this? Yes, I would! It is pure chick-lit as I said before so won't appeal to people who dislike that genre but for fans of it, I hope you will love this. It's a great fun story, which twists and turns, and makes you laugh out loud, and importantly keeps you guessing right up to the end. Superbly written, I am glad I chose this one! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Rating: 5/5


  1. Hey Chloe! (and Leah)

    Yes, this book is good. But in my opinion Lost for words is even better. You should read that one too, I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed!

  2. I do have Lost for Words to read on my shelf but after your comment, I must get around to it! Thanks!