14 May 2009

Book Review: Crossed Wires by Rosy Thornton

Mina and Peter don't know each other, but they're about to strike up an unusual friendship. Mina works in a call centre for a car insurance company and happens to take Peter's call when he calls to report an accident.

Mina is struck by Peter, and he by her, so when he has to call the centre again and asks for Mina, she starts to think more about Cambridge Don Peter. The pair strike up a telephone friendship, finding out they have more in common than they originally thought and getting closer with each conversation.

But their distance, lives and other things get in the way of something more... can Mina and Peter put themselves first for once or will they forever be just Crossed Wires?

Rating: 5/5

I made sure not to seek out any reviews on this book or the author so that I wouldn't have any preconceptions about whether it'd be any good. I wanted to go into it with an open mind and I'm glad I did because I absolutely adored this book. I started it one evening and within around 10 minutes, I was completely hooked. My other half kept talking to me but I kept shushing him as I was desperate to read on and find out how things were going to unfold! I must say Thornton has a real talent for throwing her readers right into the crux of the story and absorbing them immediately rather than a long winded introduction. This definitely worked for me, because I just couldn't put it down, although I obviously had to because I needed sleep!

I don't know exactly what it is that had me so absorbed into it, perhaps it was a mix of factors that just made the book irresistible reading for me. The idea of the story sounds a bit like a fairytale to be honest, with single mum Mina in a call centre meeting, by chance (albeit on the phone!) a Cambridge Don who happens to be a single dad. However, that is what I felt really added to its charm, it was a real escapist book and you can really sit back, relax and just let the charming narrative, lovely and likeable characters wash over you with a strong and interesting plot unfolding as well. The ways things happened didn't seem unrealistic, and Thornton really delves in the lives of single parents and their struggles in this book, featuring any parents worst nightmares as well as the magical moments too. Emotion is present throughout and is a big part of the story

In order for me to really get into a book, I have to genuinely like the characters and want to find out whats going to happen with them. This was never a worry with this book for me because I instantly liked both Peter and Mina, and my like for them just grew as the pages were turning! The book is written in the third person which allows the reader to see plenty of both Peter and Mina, indeed more than they get to see of each other which I think makes for much more interesting reading. For example, Peter makes an assumption about Mina which he is surprised to see he has gotten wrong, and despite the fact we knew he had it wrong from the beginning, it was great reading and I loved how these things were subtly done throughout the book, a great addition to the story and kept my attention.

I hope you can tell from my review that I really loved this book and that I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone who loves either the chick lit genre or indeed just a really good story! The way Thorton writes draws you straight into the characters, their lives and the unfolding story and you can't help but be fully absorbed by it. The writing style is very easy to read, and the third person narrative makes following the two main characters lives easy to follow and enjoy. I am really eager to look out for Thornton's previous 2 books now as I hope they are as good as this which is her latest release but if you haven't read her before like me, I'd really recommend you start with this fantasic book. A wonderful fairytale of a story, and a joy to read.

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