7 November 2011

Book News: Some Like It Hot by Amanda Brobyn

Amanda Brobyn's second novel has somehow slipped past me in my November release post, but it is out this month! It's due out on 23rd November, and I quite like the bright red cover, it suits the idea of the book quite well! Some Like It Hot's synopsis is below.
"You're in your twenties, you've great career prospects, you're bright, articulate and effortlessly attractive. You see the world through rose tinted glasses. You're practically invincible. Now try this ... You're turning forty. Your interior design degree is nothing more than a sheet of paper gathering dust and your place has been in the home for the past fifteen years. Your husband works long hours, your teenage kids see you as a glorified domestic and you re not looking as youthful as once upon a time. In fact, what the hell just happened? In the blink of an eye your life has been swept from beneath you as motherhood manifested itself into martyrdom! The only lifeline you have is The Curry Club ... where five friends come together to add spice to their life. From one bowl a curry is served and from another, five anonymous questions sit tightly folded until one of them is drawn out for reading ... Why? ... Because someone wants to know the answer. Share in the excitement of those things usually best left unsaid and open yourselves up to heated opinions, free advice and the constant wonderment of just whose life is being dissected this time around? The Curry Club Completely Confidential. Even from those around the table ... ."

You can pre-order Amanda's book on Amazon.co.uk now!

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