24 October 2016

Book Review: The Lost Cats and Lonely Hearts Club by Nic Tatano

"Swapping Prada for purrs…

While covering a story, feisty network reporter Madison Shaw gets more than she bargained for when she rescues a box of orphaned kittens. Suddenly the glamazon of the Manhattan news room is doing two am feedings to keep these furbabies alive!

This is certainly a change of pace for the high maintenance workaholic she’s become and taking care of the kittens makes Madison realise how far off track she’s come—after all, she was a stray once too…

When a video of her caring for the kittens goes viral, she knows her image as a hardnosed reporter is shot to hell. What Madison doesn’t expect is the media circus that propels her and the kittens to stardom. And the domino effect that has on her, her career and her love life—especially when she meets sexy Officer Nick Marino…!"

Rating: 5/5

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I've been a fan of Nic Tatano's books for a few years now, and was a bit intrigued by this book when I spotted in on Netgalley if I'm honest! It isn't the sort of thing I would usually pick to read over others, but I know how much I enjoyed Nic's writing previously so decided to give it a go! I am really pleased that I did because it was a really heart-warming and enjoyable novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of it.

The story centres around a character called Madison Shaw who works as a TV presenter on breakfast television. She's not afraid to say she's quite self-centred, keen on being on her own and having no responsibilities. So when she finds a box of abandoned kittens on a building site, the last thing she truly wants to do is take them home with her, but she knows she must. She soon finds that raising the kittens is a lot harder work but a lot more fun that she ever could have thought... and they're about to open up her life in a whole new way!

Something I really enjoyed about this book is how heavily the cats features and how much of an important part of the story they really were. I have read books that say they are about a dog or a cat, but then said animal hasn't appeared much but that definitely wasn't the case for this book. Nic Tatano writes the kitten's brilliantly and you can tell he has had experience with his own animals as you can picture them in your mind as you read what they are up to.

The character of Madison Shaw is wonderful too, and I really enjoyed reading about her transformation as the book progresses. She begins as someone I wouldn't particularly want to know but by the end, she was kind, open-hearted and generous towards everyone. The way the kittens had worked their magic on her was very touching, and I was pleased that she gave them a chance, especially how she cared for the one kitten who seemed to have taken a shine to her!

There were a few male characters in the book too, the main one being a police officer called Nick who she meets when she's accidentally speeding to get home to the baby kittens one day. He's lovely, and certainly a good love interest for Madison, if only she can make her up mind between and another man who has been sniffing around her! I enjoyed the way she tried to get to know each of them to see which man she wanted to be with, and that she took the kitten's impression of them into consideration too, it showed how much she really loved them and cared for them!

The writing was really enjoyable in this book, and the story was charming from start to finish. If you're not a cat person, you can still enjoy the tale because the kittens are just so cute, and it's fun to read about them leaping all over the place, waking Madison up in the small hours much like a newborn baby does! Nic Tatano really sets the scene well with his writing, I enjoyed everything from the detail of the kittens, to Madison's job in television - that was certainly new to me and I liked finding out more about what she did! The budding romances, friendships and kitten love come together to make this a wonderful read, definitely recommended!

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