22 May 2016

Blog Tour: Something Old, Something New by Darcie Boleyn

"When Annie Thomas agrees to give her ex away at his wedding to his boyfriend, she thinks she’ll be fine. With her three children at her side, she can handle anything. Then she finds out her gorgeous first ex-husband Evan Llewellyn is flying in from his glamorous life in New York to attend as well!

An unexpected pregnancy ended their relationship and as she stumbles through the ups and downs of life as a working single mum – helping everyone else find a happy ending along the way – Annie refuses to believe their old and incredibly hot spark can still exist.

It’s only when she and Evan are forced to face up to the past together that they’ll discover if they can have their own happily-ever-after too!"

Rating: 4/5

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I am really pleased to be part of the blog tour for Darcie Boleyn's new novel Something Old, Something New. I read her previous novel Wish Upon a Christmas Cake and thoroughly enjoyed it, so was thrilled to get a chance to read this one. I really liked the cover, it's bright and fresh and makes the book look like a fun read, which is certainly is!

Annie doesn't feel like life has gone the way she had always hoped - she was a teenager mother, and her first marriage to Evan didn't last, then her second marriage to Dex ended when he admitted he was gay and is now getting married to Trevor, and Annie is giving him away! Annie's exhausted as she's a teacher, bringing her up 3 children, and to make matters worse, her ex-husband Evan is back on the scene. As things suddenly start changing in Annie's life, and she is confronted with a shocking development from her daughter Janis, Annie starts wondering where she went wrong, and how she can find some happiness in her future...

The book is told in the first person from Annie's point of view, and we follow her throughout the novel. I found her to be a very likeable character, a single hard-working mum, and a bit perplexed as to how her life has got her to this point. She's lucky to have good relationships with her ex-husbands, but it doesn't stop the loneliness she feels at night, something I'm sure a lot of single parents can relate to. Annie is a lovely lady though, and her friendship with her best friend Cassie was lovely to read too, the women are there for each other through everything and certainly gave me a few laughs along the way!

The men in the book are lovely, and you can see why Annie was drawn to both of them at different times in her life! Evan sounds wonderful, and is a caring father despite the fact he works away, and both he and Annie are still fond of each other. I was hoping that the pair would be able to reignite their spark and get back together against the odds! Dex was lovely too, also a dedicated father, and I loved his wedding scenes in the book. Annie's children were also lovely, Janis, her eldest daughter was lovely, and her younger two were funny too, and Darcie has captured their personalities really well.

This a fun read from beginning to end and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Darcie Boleyn's writing was very easy to read, and she really captured the emotion of the characters, the lighter moments and the more serious ones really well, and there's a lot to keep your attention hooked in the book. The story involving Janis was certainly interesting reading and I loved reading it from Annie's perspective and the array of emotions she goes through because of it. I would definitely recommend the book, the writing was great and I loved the characters, especially Annie who really deserved a happy ending! A wonderful read.

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