14 October 2013

Christmas Releases 2013

The time of year for festive reads is finally upon us, and I've had a lot of tweets and messages asking me which Christmas books are available this year! So, to make life a bit easier for everyone, I've decided to put them all into a post here for you to browse and salivate over (aren't the covers just amazing?!), and of course you can click the book cover to be taken to its Amazon.co.uk page to where you can read the synopsis and buy it if you fancy it!

 So... which Christmas book are you looking forward to most of all?! I don't think I can choose!


  1. I love Christmas books and can't wait to start on these, especially Rosie Hopkins and I heart as the previous ones were amazing.

    I'm catching up on last years at the moment by reading Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe.

  2. i can't wait to read some of them they are my fav books of the year (i mean christmas books )

  3. Wow! It almost makes me want Christmas. Almost. ;)

  4. I Heart Christmas and Christmas at Claridges are the two I cannot wait to read! Christmas is the best! :)